Deland Hosting's goal is to provide 100% top notch customer service. This company was built on the beliefs of small town personalized service.

Using only the best enterprise equipment we guarantee high availability for your business.

We are a small home town web hosting company located in central Florida. Deland Hosting was founded by a father son team who strive to make web hosting a local and customer service oriented service. Frustrated by the lack of support from fortune 500 web host companies Mr. Penton and his son set out to set a new standard in the web host industry.

Why Choose Us

We know you have many choices in who you choose to host your website with, however most of those business are ``re-sellers`` of server space ultimatly operated by another company, and that's where we are different from the big guys. We are a small home town hosting company that owns all of our servers outright. That means we are in control of our hardware, downtime, service level agreements, hardware upgrade schedules, and most importantly our customer service style.

  • 99.999% Guaranteed Uptime
  • Server hardware is owned by us
  • Need collocation for your hardware? No Problem!
  • Want to speak with the CEO for a special project? No problem just call !

Our Skills

Shared Hosting

Dedicated Hosting


Dedicated Managed Server

Meet Our Team

Scott F. Penton CEO
Scott Penton
Kyle Smith
Co Founder
Juan Lopez
VP of Latin American Operations
Kim Roberts

Mr. Penton’s vast experience as an entrepreneur makes him uniquely qualified to lead a tech company. Mr. Penton’s IT background as well as his business ethics make him a strong leader to guide Deland Hosting to success.

Mr. Smith’s background in web hosting was the right fit for this position at Deland Hosting. With his degree in computer science from Massachusetts Institute of Technology he is able to lead our company down the correct technical paths.

Mr. Lopez is very familiar with South American operations, and understands the needs of businesses in South America as well as how to properly market an IT business in Latin America. Mr. Lopez also oversees all day to day operations of the company in Latin America.

Ms. Robert’s previous past as senior customer service advocate for Comcast makes her the perfect fit to lead day to day operations. Mr. Roberts is in charge of customer satisfaction and oversees all of our business accounts.